Goal Reaching One Dollar at a Time…Can You Help?

6 Mar

Our good buddy Chez…a.k.a. maria, ree, or sanchez sent us an email letting us know that her team, the Carolina Phoenix are holding a fundraiser.  They need to raise money to pay for the field as well as uniforms and travel expenses.


Give a shout out to all your friends in the North Carolina area.  If you can give any amount ($10, $25 or fill in your own) it would be greatly appreciated.  Help them to reach their goal for the 2008 Season.


While you’re on the site, click on the link to send this info to all your friends to help SUPPORT the Carolina Phoenix.


CLICK HERE to help them raise their funds.  For more information on the Carolina Phoenix, go to www.carolinaphoenixfootball.com.

For more Information on how you can do your part and SUPPORT Women’s Football for the 2008 season check out the teams and leagues in your local area:

IWFL (Independent Women’s Football League) www.iwflsports.com

NWFA (National Women’s Football Association) www.womensfootballcentral.com

WPFL (Women’s Pro Football) www.womensprofootball.com

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