“All for a SLG T-shirt…maybe”

29 Feb


Story submitted by Nancy

As you know, Barb & I are heading out to Houston tonight.  We will be arriving around 11 pm and will be joining Meg to recruit more players for the SouthLand Gladiators  on Saturday.  We may go to fitness clubs, sport stores and maybe the movie theatre to find interested women to play football.  Sunday are the try-outs. 

Meg proposed a challenge to me:  Well, let me tell you the story first…


A few days ago Barb and Meg were talking on the phone.  Meg said she had two t-shirts for us!  How sweet.  The next day Meg told Barb she would have to persuade me to get 4 more people for try-outs.  If I didn’t, Barb would not get a t-shirt. 


Then a discussion was brought up about how Meg offered me to try out with the ladies on Sunday.  Barb expressed how excited I was to join them.  Now I am told I need to obtain 4 more recruits for Sunday or I am not allowed to try out.  Of course, no t-shirts were mentioned in this conversation.  So what happened to the free t-shirt?


So I ask all our viewers to call all your friends and family in the Houston area!  Megs goal for me is 4 recruits by Sunday. 


I will keep you updated on my status,



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