Buzzing Along with the Renegades

24 Feb

On today’s show we had Jamie Flynt, Marketing/PR Director, of the Alabama Renegades. If you missed today’s show (Whole Lots of Buzzing) you can listen to the podcast by going to or clicking on the Podcast Tab on this site. You can also sign up to receive our show to your iTunes account by clicking on the Subcribe button on the WFB Talk website.

The Alabama Renegades have been very active in making their community aware of who they are and of Women’s Tackle Football.

After the show I spoke with Jamie and we had much to talk about. I let her know that I was very interested in their rival game against the Chattanooga Locomotion to be held on May 24 at their home stadium (Goldsmith Shiffman Field). I let her know that if they weren’t going through Team Line, Women’s GridIron or SuncasTV, our station would be honored to loan them our sound board for broadcast with their local announcer.

Jamie informed us to a website called Pretty Tough that is committed to the promotion of women’s sports. She recently took on the task of the football segment of the site to make more people aware of women’s football. To view the website go to To keep up to date on all recent posts you can also subscibe to the site.

The Alabama Renegades are working on many fund raisers as well as an upcoming auction to be held on April 5th. If you would like to learn more information on the Renegades or any upcoming events go to or email them at

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