Snow Shoeing Adventures

22 Feb

Nancy and I found a new love the last couple of weeks in South Lake Tahoe. It’s true that the only skill you need is to know how to walk, but it can be quite adventurous at times especially if you fall flat on your face while running down a hill. It’s also a good thing that Nancy landed on her face during our race.

I don’t have that picture to share, but she saved my life of embarrassment when I turned to check on her. I was attempting to leap off a small mound that was a short cut to the finish, that was actually a bigger drop when we got to it.

So thank you, Nancy for tripping and causing me to trip as well when I looked back……lol.

Here are a few photo shots of us hamming it up over the weekend.

Queen of the snow hill

Nancy being Queen of the Snow Bump


Me trying to get up the incline so I can rest, AGAIN!


Nancy wearing her WFB Talk hat & me wearing my fav WPFL hat

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