One of this weeks show peeks on WFB Talk

21 Feb

There’s been a lot of chat lately on the my space boards as well as in the news on the NWFA website about the Alabama Renegades. We want to hear what all the buzzing is about. This week on WFB Talk, the spot light is on the Renegades, who are part of the NWFA (National Women’s Football Association). And with all that talk I found out something else of interest…..

Info taken from the Alabama Renegades website

The Alabama Renegades were one of the founding teams of the National Women’s Football Association (NWFA) back in the fall of 2000. The Renegades and the Nashville Dream played a six game exhibition season to determine the viability of a women’s full -contact football league. The exhibition games were a huge success and the league expanded to 12 teams in its first full season of play in the spring of 2001. Ray Quinn was the man who first brought full-contact football to Huntsville, Alabama and he owned the team for two years. Nancy Byrd, a Renegades player, kept the football dream alive in 2003 when she took over the team from Ray. Nancy has continued to play for the Renegades while owning the team.

So tune in this Sunday, February 24 at 3 pm (pst)/6 pm (est) at to find out more about the Alabama Renegades who made this weeks Team Spotlight.

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