11 Feb


A recap of yesterday’s show!  So picture this, here we are having a great interview and all of a sudden BJ tells us we are no longer live and we might not be recording.

Dunt dunt da, So, as always the show must go on. We continue with our interview and BJ checks in with Nancy to see what is up.  During this time here I am asking Ann questions and hoping we are still being recorded. Our fans are IM us that we are not longer on.

I am not sure at what point we stopped being live but talk about adlib. I finally text BJ asking where did she go because at this point I am not sure of what I am supposed to be asking Ann even though I had a list of questions in front of me.  

In the end it all turned out ok and I withheld the panic in my voice.  

I am very excited about my new adventure in starting my new Sixxes team. It is my hope that I am accepted as The Vegas coach has already stated they would love to play us. I am making a shout out to all the women in the Houston area that would like to play.

The type of player I am looking for is the one that has the heart of the game that might have not been the greatest but is willing to learn and be a team player.

If you live in the Pearland or Houston area and would like a chance at trying out on my team give me shout at AM_meg@wfbtalk.com. 

Until next time enjoy the love of the game. 


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