The Grand Game of Football

3 Feb



On one of the greatest days of football that all women hope to one day take part in. Today is super bowl Sunday. One of the greatest day for NFL players, the lights, the fans, the commercials, and the hype. Something all women football players dream of playing in and hopefully one day will. Yes, our leagues do have super bowls but nothing near as grandiose as the men’s.

This is usually the case for most women’s sports and with each game played won and written about I feel we can be one step closer to what men see as a real sport. We will not have a show today, because we know that even if you might not have watched football all season or that your team may not be playing that for some reason or other you T.V. most likely will be broadcasting the Super Bowl into your homes.

We take this day to just honor football and to remember that us, women can become this. This is why the crew of WFB Talk brings you all the news stories and info from around the league to help us promote and support women’s football. So thanks for listening and we hope if you haven’t yet you will and continue to join us each week.

As always all our shows are archived for your enjoyment. If there is any comments or suggestions feel free to write or call in. Have a happy football day.


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