Weekend outside of Football…the Xena Way

25 Jan

This weekend I am at a Xena Convention in Burbank, CA that is three days long. I am being initiated as a book vendor with a publishing company. They are selling books that they published as well as other authors who have asked them to help sell their books, while they “wo”man the autograph tables.

I have met many interesting people literally from all over the world (Sweden, Germany, England, Australia, Greece, New Zealand) to attend “thee” Xena Convention, the mother of all Xena Conventions.

I called my friend Merle Exit (Publicist for the New York Sharks) today because I started networking. I met an Australian Publicist who is promoting Camp Amazon in New Zealand, to live the life of Amazon Warrior Woman in a fully authentic Amazon Village and play in the backyard of Xena Warrior Princess. If you are a Xena follower, then you know it was actually filmed in New Zealand.

Tomorrow I will actually get to see Xena (Lucy Lawless) and Gabriel (Renee O’Connor) perform on stage together here at the Marriott Hotel, where the convention is being held. Tomorrow evening we will then attend a concert that Lucy Lawless will be performing at the Roxy Theatre in Hollywood, CA.

So until then………….(insert Xena “a war cry” Here).

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