Another Posting by Meg

25 Jan
Alright. Alright already! Back by popular demand or demand of myself oh alright I just wanted to type another blog.
I just want to say thanks to all our listeners, and if you haven’t heard a show what are you waiting for? We have had so many great shows this far. We have talked about the history of women’s football, equipment, injuries, sponsors, teams, leagues and just had fun discussing our favorite thing, women’s football.
I have to say I hope you have as much fun listening each week as we do hosting the show.
I encourage everyone to write in, give us ideas, send me an email and let us hear from the listeners, Don’t be shy we love to hear from you the good the bad and all the women’s football ideas, and things you wish to share.
Stay tuned for some more great chat and hear how coaching adult women can be a challenge and a reward. Thanks again to all who have joined us each week and if you haven’t yet, be sure to tune in. Also all of our shows are archived to go back and listen to again and again.
So please write us and let us know your ideas, your favorite show or just gives us a football shout out.
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