Accessing Sixxes Talk Podcast

22 Jan

If your having trouble listening to Sunday, January 20 podcast, you are not alone. After the show I was able to download 39 minutes and 11 seconds, but it cut off the remaining 20 minutes where we completed our talk as well as Merle Exit, Publicist for the New York Sharks called in to chat.

I wrote Blog Talk on Sunday asking them about this, and as of now there is only 10 minutes and 2 seconds appearing. If this can’t be corrected, I will at least upload the 39 minutes of the show for you to re-listen to.

If anyone was able to download in its entirety prior to me only downloading the 39 minutes, can you email me at

Thanks a bunch!

UPDATE:  Tuesday, January 22 @ 14:46  / Podcast in its entirety is available to download.

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