A Message from Meg

10 Jan

I got a phone call from Meg this morning, like we used to do when she lived here in California.  As you know, Meg now lives in Texas, which is two hours time difference ahead.  She decided to give me a call on her way to work this morning, 7:30 am her time…..5:30 am mine to talk shop.  After hanging up, I tried to get in a few extra Zzzzz’s.  Before getting out of bed, I received this nice email from her (which my email comes right to my cell phone).  Thank you, Meg.  I love you, too.



I want to take a moment to send out a thanks, because it is always in life that we seem to pay attention more to the things that someone isn’t doing then to the things they do for us.  This one is for you BJ.  We take our helmets off to you.  BJ is a gal that wears many helmets and always keeps us up and going. We just want to say that we appreicate all the time you put in to WFB and want to say thanks.  I guess I got caught up in the daily tackles and didn’t stop in the end zone to thank you for the pass until I realized you were writing all the game plans and you needed us to start calling the plays. We love you Barb and would have never thought that your little show idea would be so great.

You always have us in mind and are always posting researching and hosting. In this new year I will try to make a better commitment to the team, our team that always is a champion. During each show I still get goosebumps stumble over words, and yet you are always there to keep us on track and guide us with you facts and stratagies. For this I thank you and want to send out this little tribute.

Barb just make sure you carry your tape recorder all the time. “)

love you Meg-

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