When ‘Sharks’ Attack

8 Jan

American Gladiator first aired on television in 1989 and ran through 1995.  American Gladiator is coming back, but a new version made its two hour debut on Sunday, January 6.  I happened to catch part of the show yesterday, which Monday will be its new air time. 

Johnny Ferraro, the creator of this new show for the fittest, stated in The Year in Sports of Sports Illustrated, that the new version of this show will be “bigger, better, stronger.”  

Information below taken from the New York Sharks website :

Gladiator Shark

How does a Shark get ready for the football season? Why they become a contestant on the new American Gladiators. This brand new tv show features athletes competing in combat events and is hosted by Hulk Hogan. The Sharks all-time scoring leader Jen Blum will compete against action stars and stunt professionals. American Gladiators starts this Sunday at 9pm (EST) on NBC. Her episode is scheduled for January 21st at 8pm (EST).

For more about Jen, you can read the article on her from the New Jersey Jewish News.


Photo Taken from the American Gladiator/New York Sharks website

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