Sponsorship and Fund Raising, Tune in This Sunday

6 Jan

Year after year teams face the same financial challenges when it comes to funding the team. Operating costs to run a team are at least $75,000 a season, if not more.

Some of these costs include printing costs and advertisment throughout the year, stadium fees for practice as well as game, medical staff, officiators (3 or 4 per game), equipment, uniform and travel to name just a few.

Player fees and fund raisers help offset only a small portion of the actual operating and travel costs. Additional or upfront fees come out of pocket from the owners. The players fees help to cover some travel during the regular game season, but does not usually account for playoffs, championships and after season award banquets.

Once the season is done any effort to make additional income or community awareness ceases. It is important to bring awareness to the community throughout the year.

Here are just a few of the topics that will be discussed on Sunday’s show:

Sponsorship – “Support your community by staying within your community.”

Fund Raisers – Raffles, Discount Cards, Donation Cards, Scratch Cards, Charity Events, Sporting Events, Special Events.

Also Tune in to hear special guest, Merle Exit, Publicist for the New York Sharks. Hear tips and how to’s.

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