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6 Jan

If you listened to WFB Talk on Sunday, January 6, you would have heard us talking about sponsorship and fund raising. Here are some of the links and information that we discussed. If after hearing the show and I failed to list something that you are interested in, please email me at or if you want some help or additional ideas….Remember It’s FUN raising.

I had stated that I was particularly interested in the websites and ESC Fundraising.  What attracted me to that website was that both fund raisers required no upfront costs to the team and no additional charges later. Some other companies that I looked into charged additionally if you paid later.

I was also impressed with ESC Promotions, because I received a personal email from Chris Lyght, Director of Marketing, that had touched on my questions asked and also informed me that I would be contacted by a sales representative within 24 hours. I was contacted the following morning by Chad Buntin who answered all my questions on the programs that I had been interested in. Chad even offered to be a guest on the show to answer any additional questions if needed.

For the two types of programs listed below, as well as other fund raiser programs that ESC Promotions offers, please contact Chad Buntin at

EZ Scratch



Screen Shots from the ESC Promotions website
3 types of Power Cards: Power Card, Power 1 Card, Power Tag

Power Card Discount Card

Remember, with this program you submit a “wish list” of 40 businesses that you want ESC Promotions to contact and they will secure at least 18 of those businesses with a buy one get one free offer to be printed on the back of your card.


Power 1 Card:


Power Tag:


Screen shots taken from the ESC Fundraising website

YEAR Round Website Fund Raisers: FREE of Charge from Readers Digest and Golf Digest Magazine

Magazine Fundraising

Make a contact list: friends, family, businesses that order magazines all the time. This is a fund raiser that can get businesses, if not anything else, to support you through re-order.

Look at your local dentist and doctors offices….magazines everywhere. Have them support your team through their yearly re-order all year round.

Putting a link on your website is NOT enough. You must make personal contact with a prospective sponsor…even through re-order. Offer them some free tickets to a game. You are paying for the stadium anyway, it’s not going to do the team any good to have empty seats. They may even allow you to hang a poster in their office for their clients to view who will pay to go to the game. Word of mouth is the best form of advertisement.

WFB Travel Fund

Screen shot taken from website brought to you by Reader’s Digest.

Another website that is free is through Golf Digest Magazine. Let them help your team and organization set up a charity event for your non-profit organization or sponsorship for team funding.


Screen shot taken from

Suggested Contests: Closet to the pin contest or putting contest.

Golf Digest Planner shows you step-by-step through their Wizard program.

Note: The Susan G. Komen Foundation has a Rally for the Cure event that could be used in conjunction with your non-profit organization.  Rally for the Cure is also one of Golf Digests partners on the planner website.

USE of Raffles:


Screen shot taken from

Motorcycle Raffles: Be sure to contact your Attorney General of your state to ensure regulations for raffle licenses are followed. Your non-profit may already be covered, but ensure for team funding as well.

If you would like more information on this program and how it works, or any of the programs listed above, please listen to the Sponsorship & Fund Raising Show or email me at

Also remember that these are just a few of the fund raisers that we touched upon. Please listen to the show for more details.

Stay tuned for more information on how WFB Talk will help the player for the 2008 Season that was discussed on Sunday’s show.

Click Here to hear the Podcast of Sunday’s show.

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