The IWFL “All Weather Channel”

2 Jan

The IWFL (Independent Women’s Football League) has the Hurricanes, Monsoon, Thunder and now the Cyclones.

From the IWFL website:

IWFL Welcomes Connecticut Cyclones
January 2, 2008

Austin TX -The Independent Women’s Football League is pleased to announce that DaShawn A. Robinson, representing the Connecticut Cyclones, has been awarded an x-team membership license and will join the league’s roster of teams for the 2008 season.
“The Connecticut Cyclones will be a good addition to the North Atlantic region. There is a lot of interest in women’s football in Connecticut and this team will be able to offer those folks a chance to really get involved in the sport,” said Laurie Frederick, IWFL Chief Executive Officer.
The Cyclones will play a five game schedule against teams in the IWFL Tier 2 group.
“We’re very happy to be a part of the IWFL. We feel that the IWFL will be the best fit for the Connecticut Cyclones organization.  We’re up for the challenge and look forward to having a great 2008 season,” stated DaShawn A. Robinson, Connecticut Cyclones team owner. 
For more information about the Connecticut Cyclones please visit:
or contact the team via email:
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