It’s Your call on the WFC

14 Dec

The purpose of this posting is just to provide facts and a few speculations. This is only my opinion. The information provided is public information that anyone can search and locate for themselves.

A listener and reader of Women’s Football Talk asked me if I would check into the Women’s Football Commission. I don’t doubt that CEO Amber Moore does have a supportive interest in women’s football and like all of us who get a good idea, want to take that information and run with it.

The mission of the Women’s Football Commission states that it is dedicated to professionalizing women’s full-tackle football and to act as a governing body. On the website Moore had claimed that she got angry responses from the league owners when she approached them about cross competing the leagues for a championship game.

I spoke with Brian Wiggins yesterday to verify that Amber Moore had contacted him, because he had been referred to in the press release. He confirmed that she had contacted him about a month ago and said that he did agree that he would be interested in participating in a championship game if one was set up.

Now this information can’t be confirmed that it was in fact Amber Moore making this post, but the link to her name goes to the Women’s Ultimate Football Camp website.

On November 11, 2007, the alleged Amber Moore had posted on a UFL (United Football Leagues) message board with the response that sparked the Women’s Football Commission.


The domain name was purchased on November 14, 2007, the same day a comment was posted in response to her initial question.


Women’s Football Commission

As for the registrant, White Tiger Enterprise, Amber Moore is claimed to be a Co-Owner of the LLC. As of 12/14/07 08:44 am Georgia time, White Tiger Enterprise, LLC is not listed in the state of Georgia, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t registered with another state.


Screen shot take from State of Georgia Corporate Search website


Screen Shot taken from the Women’s Ultimate Football Camp Website

You will also notice the email listed above for contact is I went to the website and that is how I found Women’s Ultimate Football Camp.


Screen Shot taken from the Women’s Ultimate Football Camp website


Now Women’s Ultimate Football Camp was registered by Confetti Communications, which is Gloria Wilson Moore, who is the Public Relations for Amber Moore. Confetti Communications was listed as a Private Register through the Go Daddy Proxy located in Arizona, but it still points to Gloria Wilson Moore through the contact information of in the initial December 6, 2007 Press Release.


Screen Shot taken from the Women’s Football Commission website


Now as for the other participates and groups listed on the websites, Team Up, Inc. is registered by Live Light Media Services (whom Live Light Media domain was established in 2001 and was last updated in 2005). The purchase of the domain or Team Up, Inc was purchased by Live Light Media in 2005. The domain is also registered with Live Light Media since 13 April, 2007 around the same time Confetti Communications came to light about two weeks earlier.

live-light-media.jpg teamupsuccess.jpg motivatingcoaches.jpg

It appears an idea hit and every one tied to all the websites of Public Relations, Media, and the Internet decided to run with it. Who better else to hype an event?

Now my question is how can the WFC or Women’s Football Commission claim everyone outside the WFC Umbrella is amateurs?


I can see how your approach may have turned off the league heads just a tid bit. I believe that is the opposite of “How to Win Friend’s and Influence People” written by Dale Carnegie. I am quite sure Mr. Rogers would agree with me too.

Originally, Ms. Moore had mentioned that this was established for a one game Championship idea with the intention of giving proceeds to the Partnership Against Domestic Violence (

I’m thinking their envision got more financially motivated. I did want to point out that when I found the Women’s Ultimate Football Camp website, Robin had noticed that a photo they were using was our very own Kimberly Bradshaw (Deal or No Deal) and the Sacramento Sirens, which is a big no-no to use other peoples photos for financial gain since the Sirens logo still shows on the helmet in the background and was identified as such.

Screen Shot taken from the Women’s Utimate Football Camp website (players section)

As of Friday, December 14, 2007 09:37 am California time, I still have not received an email back from Amber Moore, CEO of Women’s Football Commission.

We will find out more information on the Commission in February 2008 as it states on the website. The Women’s Ultimate Football Camp is scheduled in February with only 12 slots available. I’m just wondering if the Women’s Football Commission was a front for interest and the emails were redirected to the other site for participation.

I’m just curious why the Women’s Ultimate Football Camp website wasn’t listed or completed as a mission success before the Women’s Football Commission was released. I will have to wait and see like everyone else.

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