Just who are the WFC?

13 Dec

On Sunday’s show we touched briefly on the Women’s Football Commission.  Robin had come across a website as well as some emails letting players know that they could make money playing football.  What a concept, who hasn’t thought that one up before?  We were curious to what this was all about and the legitimacy of the site, since they had been referencing key members of the WPFL, NWFA and the IWFL 

 I put it on the back burner, but made a phone call to our friends of Women’s GridIron Magazine to find out if they heard anything on this.  Ann had said she sent an email representing the Women’s GridIron with about 15 questions, but hadn’t heard anything as of yet.   

I received an email from one of our listeners and reader of the site expressing her concern about the WFC.  She expressed that she didn’t want anyone to lose money if this wasn’t the real deal.  I told her that I would check into it and wrote her back a quick note on some of the info that I did find. 

I wrote an email yesterday to Amber Moore, who is the CEO of Women’s Football Commission.  I let her know in the email that I would be calling as well, which I didn’t get a chance until today because of their three hour time difference. 

I called their listed office line, which was a message line referring the caller back to the site for more information.  I left them a message letting them know who I was and that I wanted to ask them a few questions to confirm additional information that I had because I was going to go public with some information on my website tomorrow (Friday), which I had also stated in the email I wrote the day before.  I left my phone number for them to return my call.   

The information that I will post is factual and is public knowledge information that anyone can look up for themselves.  I just thought what I had found was very interesting.  I only pursued this further at the request of a listener.

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