Proud Moment for a True Vixen (Minx)

4 Dec

I was helping to set up the broadcast for Women’s GridIron Magazine in the booth for the 2007 WPFL Championship Game and I had been thinking to myself, I thought Dan Lickness, Head Coach of the Minnesota Vixen was going to do the live broadcast. Instead I see this nicely dressed man in a slick pin stripe suit and hat. I saw a couple of women who had on Minnesota Vixen T-shirts. I finally turned to the gentleman and asked if he was going to announce the broadcast. To my surprise, this was Dan Lickness.

I had made a comment that he was not what I had expected (if you listen to our December 2, Sunday Show, you will know what I’m talking about…lol).

One of the Vixen players listened to me as I expressed this, who I later found out was Tonita Cochran, original Barnstormer herself from the Michigan Minx who was scheduled to be on our show for the Barnstorming Tour Show, but had been ill that day. She expressed how she wanted to be on the show to raz her teammates.

I had told her that we could reschedule a show and that she would get her chance. Toni was in the booth, so proud for being chosen 2007 WPFL All Pro. She had her program in hand so I asked her if I could take her picture.

This is for her family in Chicago.


Tonita (Toni) Cochran, Minnesota Vixen 2007 WPFL All Pro


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