It’s Official, Meg is IN!

29 Nov

I just received a text message from Meg at 0610 (PST). It’s official. Meg will be going to the 2007 WPFL Championship Game. Her exact text was “Im #25 and wil hav my name on jersey”. Don’t bother correcting the punctuation and spelling. I’m surprised she added all the letters that she did. When I first started texting with Meg, I had to figure out her code. I’d say huh, what??? I think she spells more for my benefit now.


Meg & Me in Seattle

If you can’t make the game on Saturday, December 1 at 5 pm (PST)/8 pm (EST) against the Houston Energy at the So Cal Scorpions, you can hear it live by going to Women’s GridIron Magazine (

Now if you can’t tune in on your computer, there is one other way for you to hear about the game…..from your cell phone you can talk to the WFB Crew on AIM. Screen name wfbtalk. Just type ‘score’ and I will send you back the score. More details on this will be announced.

UPDATE 11/29/07 @ 0907 (PST): I just received an update from Meg.  She said “Change n plan I wil get 2 b 41 after all yeah I dnt hav 2 b anybody elses # sory ruind ur math but 41 is the reverse of 14”.  What she means is that after I posted our picture on the website I laughed and texted her “Haha I was just looking at our pix. What is 39 minus 14 that an omen or what? 

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