Hear A Highlight of Yesterday’s Show….

26 Nov

Yesterday on WFB Talk we ended the show on a high note. Lorie Moore of the Los Angeles Amazons sang the National Anthem at the Los Angeles Amazons vs So Cal Scorpions game on November 3 that Beebe, Nancy and I attended. I hope we get another opportunity to hear her sing it live at this years WPFL Championship or Pro Bowl Game, where she was chosen to represent in the American Conference All-Pro Game on Sunday, December 2.

Note: If the recording doesn’t play when you click open, use the download and save function.

Lorie Moore/National Anthem: http://www.box.net/shared/jbltvbenpv

If you missed yesterday’s show, you can either go to http://www.wfbtalk.com or go to the podcast area of this website and click on the November 25 show. The WFB Talk Crew will be heading out to San Diego, CA this weekend to attend the 2007 WPFL Championship and All-Pro Game. We hope to see you there.

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