What’s Ahead for Sunday’s Show on WFB Talk

25 Nov

With the Thanksgiving Holiday weekend, the crew at WFB Talk were a little scattered. We had talked about using one of our after show pre-records. You are welcome to join us on the chat box and sit back and listen to some good fun.

Here’s whats happening on tomorrows show:

WPFL Championship Weekend Talk, League Updates, Pre-record from Monday, October 1 right after the Modesto Magic Show. Listen in on our personal chit chat, reviewing show ideas, scheduling our next show on the spot and just plain goofing around. Also listen from a video that was transformed to a wav file for your enjoyment. You won’t want to miss this one.

Hope you will tune in to WFB Talk at 3 pm (pacific)/6 pm (eastern). Comments, questions or suggestions you can email us at contact@wfbtalk.com or call our 24 hour message line 916-341-9298.

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