Happy Thanksgiving

22 Nov


Robin, Megan, Beebe, Nancy and myself would like to wish each and everyone a safe and Happy Thanksgiving. Today we will all be with our loved ones. I know last year I had two Thanksgiving meals. On Thanksgiving I actually went to the Black Angus with my friend Maggie and of course, Nancy. They had an all you can eat deal going, though one plate was enough for me. On that Friday I then had dinner with my family.

Today, I will pop in to see my dear friends next door for a bit and then head on over to my parents house who are about 40 minutes from me. Nancy will be next door to my house meeting up with dear friends for a party of about 14, Meg will be cooking in her new house in Houston and I’m sure throwing the football around for next weeks big game, Beebe will be at her parents house with her grand parents and Robin will be with her parents and the rest of the Grove family…big party.

I’m sure I won’t stay away too long from the site, so check back later to see another football related story. I don’t go anywhere without my computer and my dad has high speed.

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