Robin’s Story

19 Nov

During the show on Sunday I had the volume on Robin’s first two audio clips at 70% and 100%.  When it was suggested that I play them at 200% for the remainder of the ten additional audio clips we were able to hear the rest of Robin’s Story. 

The two links below are the first two audio played for you to re-listen if you missed what she had said.

Audio 1:   

Audio 2:  

 To hear all of Robin’s Story and to listen to the show:

November 18, 2007 (Show_108859)

WPFL Conference Championship Talk, league updates & the Marketing Women’s Sports Conference. Last week on the show we ran out of time and were unable to talk about the Marketing Women’s Sports Conference that was held in Nashville, TN on November 5th and 6th. Robin had commented that not everything was a positive experience.  Tune in to hear her story.

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