Today’s Show – WFB Talk

18 Nov

Tune in at 3 pm (pacific)/6 pm (eastern) to hear more about the Houston Energy vs Wisconsin Wolves game.  Meg has some stories to tell of last nights game.  We also hope to hear from Bill (husband of So Cal #91, Andrea Hubbard-Grant) who graciously called into the show last night updating and confirming the final score of the So Cal Scorpions @ Empire State Roar game (42-6). 

Also on the show, we will be discussing the Marketing Women’s Sports Conference that was held in Nashville, TN on November 5 -6, that our very own Producer Robin Grove attended.  Hear her story through audio that she provided for the show.  Unfortunetely due to a death in the family she will not be on, but you still can hear her story as it is played on today’s show.

We will also talk to Beebe about her recent knee surgery that she had last week, about her trip to recovery and how long it will take to get back onto the field to “HIT SOMEBODY”. 

Hope to see you online today at  If you would like to call in while the show is live, you can at 646-915-9555 or utilize our live chat box. 

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