American Conference Special Presentation

17 Nov

If you clicked on Women’s Grid Iron Magazine tonight to listen to the WPFL American Conference Championship game, you would have been redirected to WFB Talk.

Ann Doland (a.k.a Jesse) of Women’s Grid Iron Magazine sent me an email around 4:15 pm (pacific) asking me if I could go live on the air via Blog Talk Radio and that they would try to get someone to present the game live from New York at half time. Apparently they had some internet connection issues as well as the original person who was going to broadcast couldn’t make it. WFB Talk would provide the sound board and Women’s Grid Iron would try to get another person to report live from the game. There was no guarantee that they could find another person at such short notice, but I had told her that I would set up the live show anyway.

During the show, we had the live chat board going and listeners communicated back and forth with updates as well as callers of the So Cal Scorpions team calling in and updating the listeners.

FINAL SCORE:  So Cal 42 / Empire State Roar 6

Nancy and I found something to talk about as we awaited word from the Grid. Jesse even called in with her hoarse voice, that happened during the Arizona Wildfire tryouts, to give us a few league updates.

On tonights show I even tried out my new system, Skype, but found out that I sounded like a broken record during some of the live broadcast. It might have been due to my computer freezing and having too many windows open at one time. Tomorrow I will retry it from my work computer, which has faster connection speed. I love my Skype and I give it thumbs up on a normal talk occasion. My brother, Mike even called into the show using his Skype, and he too does a Blog Talk Radio Show called Ufo Geeks Paronormal Podcast at Check him out when you get the chance.

We hope you will tune in for our normal show each and every Sunday on WFB Talk at 3 pm (pacific)/6 pm (eastern) at

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