Tune in this Sunday – WFB Talk

16 Nov

Here’s whats coming up on WFB Talk:

WPFL Conference Championship Talk, league updates & the Marketing Women’s Sports Conference.  Last week on the show we ran out of time and were unable to talk about the Marketing Women’s Sports Conference that was held in Nashville, TN on November 5th and 6th. Robin had commented that not everything was a positive experience.  Tune in to hear her story. 

Also two questions we will touch on that a listener had asked on the chat box on November 14.

Should all three leagues have a “pro-bowl” like game?

Should the IWFL name the championship game a “world” championship?

We will also see if we can get Ann Doland on the air to discuss her new role in the NWFA as Communications Director. 

Please tune in on Sunday, November 17 at www.wfbtalk.com 3 pm (pacific)/6 pm (eastern).

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