Meg “Houston Energy” Update

16 Nov

I just got off the telephone with Meg.  She said she will be starting in tomorrows National Conference Championship game against the Wisconsin Wolves.  Listen for Meg’s number 41.  She will be playing as Offensive Tackle and will be on Kick-Off Return.  We wish Meg and the Houston Energy, as well as the Wisconsin Wolves a good competitive game.  May the better team win.

As for the WPFL American Conference Championship game, that will either go to the So Cal Scorpions or the Empire State Roar, which will prove to be a battle of the best against the elements of the weather.  Both teams have never played competively in the snow before.  It was noted, that even though the Empire State Roar is from snow country they have never made it past October play. 

You can listen to the AFC game live on   Check out their website for more details.

To learn more about the Houston Energy, Wisconsin Wolves, Empire State Roar and So Cal Scorpions, go the the WPFL website at and click on teams.

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