Player Spotlight – Sandi “One-Eye” Bowen

21 Oct

Today on the show I very briefly announced that I wanted to share a story that I read on the Tree Town Spitfire newsletter. I didn’t paraphrase quite like I wanted and wished that I had enough time to read the story over the air. Below is what I took from the NWFA Newsletter that had been posted on the Tree Town Spitfire Newsletter.

From the Tree Town Spitfire Newsletter


By Erin Thorneberry

A 7th grade Sandi Waters was asked to jot down which sports she might be
interested in playing for the year. A friend suggested she write
football because she was a big fan of the sport. As her teacher (who
turned out to be the football coach) walked around and saw her answer he
told her to “pick another sport.” For the next several years she did
just that; she played basketball, soccer, ran track and field, but the
football bug was festering underneath. In 2002 her husband Glen saw an
article in the newspaper about tryouts for a new woman’s football team
and she knew she had to tryout. Six years later she is still with the
same team. Coach Val was asked about Sandi’s leadership and has said
that since the middle of the 2003 season she has lead by example by
being at practice and working hard so that she and her teammates become
better football players. Even in the face of an overwhelming situation
“Sandi maintains a positive outlook, digs deep, and does her best.”

There are many faces of our Sandi Bowen. She is a college graduate. She
graduated from Bowling Green State University in 2001 with a Bachelor of
Science in Education with a Sports Management Major, Specializing in
Athletic Training (certified in January of 2007). She is an
entrepreneur. She owns and operates a commercial window cleaning company
and she and Glen will soon be opening their own restaurant. She is a
certified massage therapist who has worked with Olympians. She is also a
politician. Sandi is a city councilwoman for her Village and is
currently running to be Mayor of that village. She is the stepmother to
two boys, Nathan 20, and Joshua 18. She has been married to Glen for 5
½ years. Coach Val admits she is busy and says “her ability to take
on a variety of tasks with minimal confusion and without complaint is a
big part of what makes her effective as a football player.”

In, what spare time she has, Sandi enjoys running, in-line skating,
scrap booking and drawing. Spending time with her family is number one
on her list of priorities. A close second is being an active member in
her church and singing with the choir. And yet in her busy life she
still has time and makes time with certain sacrifices, to play

In her five seasons to date she has had many injuries including a
seriously fractured finger that kept her out of four games, broken ribs,
pulled muscles, numerous bruises, and even a black eye (hence the
enduring nickname of “One-Eye”). When asked about her injuries she
replies “I don’t want to scare anyone with the injuries, but they
can and do happen.” Was it all worth it? “It is and I would do it
over again even if I knew what was going to happen.”

Sandi remembers the first year when they practiced in a mall that had a
“Hoops” basketball court. They would lay out mats to help avoid
injury (it didn’t work all that well she claims). She has many
satisfying memories that give her an “awesome feeling,” among them
are an interception, numerous fumble recoveries, a couple of sacks, a
blocked punt, and the best – making great tackles.

Of all of her lifetime accomplishments, Sandi rates them as follows…

*Greatest Thing she has done in her Life: Marry her husband Glen, who
makes it to every game and is her greatest fan and biggest supporter.

*Greatest Football Accomplishment: Last year’s number of tackles (she
plans on beating that this year).

*Greatest Personal Accomplishment: Will be the opening of her restaurant
“Sandi’s Village Café.”

Throughout all she has accomplished and become, Sandi continues to learn
life lessons through football. She has learned to adapt to change and
always have fun. She has learned to follow instruction and that just
when she thinks she can’t push her body any further, she can! She
realizes what she can accomplish by challenging not just her physical
limits, but her mental ones, too. A lesson we can all learn is one she
says best: “I learned the power of a team and how if we worked
together we could accomplish a lot.” Sandi’s personal motto is “I
can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” When all is said
and done, when other things could have drawn her elsewhere Sandi has
“always felt inside that (she) was a SPITFIRE!” Coach Val agrees,
“Sandi was meant to play football.”

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