“Kimberly’s Deal” on Deal or No Deal

18 Oct



You couldn’t even hear a pin drop. The room was filled with love and laughter for our very own Sacramento Sirens, Kimberly Bradshaw as we all piled in Mark & Monica’s Sports Grill in Granite Bay, CA to support our sister, our team mate and our friend.




For a wee bit it was standing room only until they brought enough chairs and more tables to seat everyone who wanted to share in Kimberly’s special moment for her chance to win $1 million dollars on NBC’s Deal or No Deal.

Laughter filled the room as she lifted Howie Mandel up as soon as she got on stage. He was caught off guard the first time, but soon got used to it after the second and the third time. He even said that if he had known she was going to be there today, he would have worn a cup.






We also learned that if Kimberly gets really excited or laughs hard she makes a very high pitch sound. Even the banker made fun during an offer. He said he even got Kimberly squealing like a little girl. I was able to capture it on my handy dandy recorder that we can play on Sunday’s show. It’s all in good fun, I’m sure Kimberly won’t mind you hearing it as well. There wasn’t a dry eye in the house from laughing so hard after seeing and hearing it.



We love you, Kimberly!

dscf0065.JPG dscf0070.JPG dscf0072.JPG Kimberly’s Mom

dscf0077.JPG dscf0078.JPG Takes the Deal at $23,000

dscf0081.JPG Satisfied after taking the Deal

Here are some of the highlight video of Wednesday, October 17 Deal or No Deal show.

(Click on thumbnail below)

football-action.jpgFootball Action

Team SupportTeam Support

Six Figure OfferSix Figure Offer

Taking the DealTaking the Deal

Be sure to go to www.nbc.com or http://www.nbc.com/Deal_or_No_Deal/video/#mea=168921 and blog for Kimberly. Tell them how much you enjoyed the show.

Note:  Screen shots and video taken from the NBC Show, Deal or No Deal. 

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