Whose League is the Best?

16 Oct

That’s the question we asked on Sunday’s show for a future segment.  We also have a poll going on our my space page at www.myspace.com/wfbtalk.  Robin even put out there through the bulletin to call the hotline and leave us a message.  If you didn’t get a chance to listen to the show on Sunday, you can hear it through the podcast area on this site under the Podcast Tab or go directly to www.wfbtalk.com.  Everyone has their reasons why they think their league is the best and we want to hear them.  We also want to hear your ideas on how the league or leagues could get better.  So send us a line, leave us a message or call in on the show and share with us your ideas.  Keep an eye on the board, you won’t want to miss the show, “Whose League is the Best”. 

There are five ways that you can contact us.  Email contact@wfbtalk.com / 24 hour message (916) 341-9298 / Live Listener Line when we are on the air (646) 915-9555, our live chat box while we are on the show or through our My Space Page at www.myspace.com/wfbtalk  

Correction to Sunday’s Show:   During the reading of the new teams in the IWFL, New York Menace was made comment on twice instead of New Mexico Menace, which is the correct team name and was so noted throughout the reading, except for those two occasions.  September 23 was the volunteer show, not September 22 as I stated a few times while recapping what the show would be about.  Towards the end of the show I gave the email address contact@email rather than the correct email contact@wfbtalk.com.                                    

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