A Message to the Modesto Magic

2 Oct

On the show last night, Robin had asked if I had Nancy’s write up on her paper she wrote on the experience at the Modesto Magic try outs, because Beebe and Robin shared their experience over the air.  It’s funny because Nancy had prepared for it Sunday morning and she was there with me at Robin’s for the show that was originally scheduled that day.  I had joked with her saying that you’ll have to paraphrase it and not sound like your reading.  Well so happens I get to post it right here anyway for you to enjoy and read.




I was unable to join the hosts of WFB Talk this evening while we had our Special Guest, Stormy Stroud, owner of the Modesto Magic on our radio blog wfbtalk.com.  I wanted to be part of expressing my thoughts, so I decided to write them down.  Beebe, Robin, and I went on our first road trip for WFB Talk two weekends ago to take pictures and  interview prospective players.  Also, I want to elaborate I listened to the show tonight and learned the second try-outs were held this past Saturday and another 18 women came with interest.  Now the number is 37!

Listed below is what I would like to share…

While traveling with Beebe and Robin from Sacramento to Modesto I was imagining about ten or less women trying out.  I thought of this number as I have been to other try-outs in the past and the number of participants have been under ten.

As we got off the exit in Modesto and came around the corner near the field I had a rush of excitement… I was wrong!!!  The time was about 9am and pre-registration started and all ready the number of participants exceeded my expectations!

Robin, Beebe, and I interviewed the prospective players, the General Manager, Owner, and volunteers.  In total there were 19 women interested in playing.  This number represents a team!  What a wonderful feeling to be involved and to be there to see a team form.

I have to credit the people involved who were able to have these women come together on that rainy Saturday.

September 22, 2007 is the day a team was born!  Just as a baby is born now comes the lessons of growing up.  Everyone who was involved that day and who I met I wish all of you the best.  Dream what you want to achieve and complete the vision you had as a girl growing up desiring to play football.  You are now part of a Professional Women’s Football Team.  Go Magic!

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