Never Dull at the Studio

30 Sep

Like I once said in another blog, it’s never a dull moment at the WFB Talk studio.  It started out like any other normal Sunday morning before a show, I was nervous as heck.  Checking for new updates on my personal myspace, making photo copies for things to share and a pile of papers later that my friends would joke about when I couldn’t find anything scattered on the floor.  Trying to download the rest of the audio I was having trouble with just one.  I thought no problem, I would just play it off the recorder and into the phone.  I called Sound Guy Brian from the next room and had him check the volume from the mic.  We were now ready to go to the studio (a.k.a Producer Robin’s house).  Just so you know Sound Guy Brian is my 17 soon to be 18 year old son who was very supportive the two years I played on the Sirens team.  He was disappointed when I told him that I wouldn’t be returning for the 2008 season. 

 I called Stormy Stroud, owner of the Modesto Magic while enroute.  I told her the outline of the show so she could time in her phone call.  I let her know that she could call in early and hear the show if she wanted and that I would communicate to her via the chat box when I saw her number on the switchboard.  After I hung up I received an incoming voice mail from Beebe.  She was stranded at work with a dead battery and didn’t think she would make it in time, because she was waiting for road side assistance and probably couldn’t call in. 

I gave Megan a call and asked if she would do the WPFL scores and updates.  She said she would call into the show at 10 minutes to the hour, that would give us plenty of time to hear one another and go over last minute discussion details.  SG Brian and I arrived, rang the door bell and no answer.  Robin had mentioned that she would be in Lake Tahoe this weekend, but should arrive in plenty of time before the show.  If not, someone would be there to let us in.  No answer and I laughed in a nervous panic because we had just one hour before the show.

I called Nancy (Director of Marketing) who would be arriving at 2:30 pm.  I asked her to call Robin and find out what her E.T.A. was. You see, my Tmobile Sidekick2 gave out on me and I never saved any of my numbers to my sim card.  My sidekick also provided me with instant email notification.  After using a full keyboard for texting for so long, I couldn’t even manuever the flip phone I put my sim card in.  Lollipop opened the door as I sat on the stoop.  Robin was on the phone with her telling her I was out front waiting.  Lollipop had disconnected the door bell in front so she couldn’t hear us from her back room. 

As show time approached I spoke with Robin about the outline that she had forwarded to us on Saturday morning.  We went over the outline order and email from a listener.  She said she would call in now and we called in as well.  I got in and was waiting for Sound Guy Brian to unmute me.  With 6 minutes to the show I heard Robin come online.  I said “hello” and got no response.  Sound Guy Brian was training Lollipop (Board “OP” Pop) on the switchboard for days he wouldn’t be available.  I went in asking him to unmute me and he said he did.  Meg was on and then off and then on, thinking she wasn’t getting through.  She wound up calling and we told her we were having trouble with the board. 

 Stormy was online, but I didn’t get a chance to chat on the box back at her during our small ordeal.  We somehow needed to get back to Robin letting her know we could hear her on the line, two minutes to the show and still could not get connected.  With 5 seconds, 4, 3, 2, 1…….we heard, as we stayed on the line hoping to get through, “Welcome to WFB Talk with your hosts Beebe, Bj, Meg and Robin”…a few seconds delay and we heard Robin…she asked if I was there and it went dead.  We had called Robin to get her to hang up and I tried calling as host and I signed on to the switch board.  If you listen to the show entitled “Technical Difficulties” you will hear everything unfold. 

The start of the show…dead air until you forward to 2 minutes and 2 seconds.  After it stops a second time, forward to 4 minutes and 13 seconds and you will hear me talking to Robin in my right ear and WFB Talk listeners in my left.  You will even hear Robin a little bit and you will know that I’m chatting with Meg on the box while trying to get her on the show.  We wind up doing scores, show updates and a little more. 

We rescheduled Stormy Stroud, owner of the Modesto Magic on Monday, October 1 at 6:30 pm pacific/9:30 pm eastern.  I hope you will join us at

Here is the link to Sunday, September 30 entitled, Technical Difficulties.   

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