28 Sep

From the National Women’s Football Association Website:

They said it couldn’t be done but it’s being done and this Spring, the National Women’s Football Association and it’s teams will be featured on the ONLY TV network just for women’s sports. “It’s a dream come true for me and for all of women’s sports. Now, millions of new fans will be able to watch women play a variety of sports, including women’s tackle football,” states Catherine Masters, President of the new network. Women’s sports are fun and exciting to watch and all we’ve needed is a place where fans could go on a consistent and regular basis. Masters background in sports and television gives her the perfect mix to make this happen. “I’m bringing together many of my friends and business associates from around the country to help me launch Women’s Sports Television as well as many of our corporate contacts to help fund it. It’s an exciting time not just for the National Women’s Football Association, but for all of women’s sports and I am simply thrilled to be one of the people making this happen,” she states. For more information on Women’s Sports TV, please call (615) 860-4084.

More information on Women’s Sports Television will be announced at the Marketing Women’s Sports Conference in Nashville in November. Companies that have already signed up to participate at the conference include Nike, ESPN, the WNBA, Her Sports and Fitness Magazine, the Women’s Sports Foundation, Disney, Comcast, the NCAA, Under Armour, Women’s Fast Pitch, Women’s Professional Rodeo Association and more. For more informaton on the Marketing Women’s Sports Conference, please call (615) 860-4084.

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