It’s all about Football…Women’s Football

27 Sep

It’s all about football, Women’s Football.  That’s it.  It’s nothing more and nothing less.  The name says it all “Women’s Football Talk”.  We are here for YOU the listener, fan, volunteer, player, coach, and team.  It doesn’t matter what league you’re in, but it is important to promote the message of Women’s Football.  We are reminded of women’s football all year long.  How AWESOME is that!  We have three main leagues that give us women’s football 12 months a year combined.  You got to count the try-outs and practices, because anyone at anytime can go there to watch and support their favorite team.  You have the opportunity to be part of that team in any form or facet.  You have the NWFA (National Women’s Football Association) and the IWFL (Independent Women’s Football League) that hold their games from April through August.  Then you have the WPFL (Women’s Professional Football League) that picks it up where those two leagues left off.  I think this is a grand thing.  What would even be better is if the NWFA and the IWFL alternated their game days.  What if those two leagues got together on a decision by having a lottery to see who gets Saturday games and who gets Sunday games alternating throughout the season?  It doesn’t look like either of the leagues is going away anytime soon, so they might as well work for the common good of women’s football. 

If you’re a true women’s football fan, you’re going to go to the game.  When we first started doing the WFB Talk radio show on Sunday’s, that was the question Megan had asked.  I had commented that sometimes my Dad watches two games at once and even has the radio going.  I myself listen to a lot of talk radio and if I enjoy a particular show I will be sure to tune in.  The advantage of our show is that you can still hear us on podcast.  The disadvantage is that you can’t participate during the live show, but you could always email us at with your comment or suggestion.  We even have a 24 hour message line (916) 341-9298, whom one of our listeners left a comment last week and now will be speaking to us for a bit on our October 7 show to tell us her story.

Our vision for this show is to report on ALL Women’s Football.  We don’t care what league you’re in.  All we care about is the promotion, education and advancement of Women’s Football. 

With that said, I’ve come to the decision that I will not play for the Sacramento Sirens next year for the 2008 season.  I will not play for any football league so that we can concentrate on traveling to cover Women’s Football, to hear their story……to hear your story.   

I hope you will invite WFB Talk into your league.  We all love football.  How plain and simple is that?  

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