1-2-3 Magic!

26 Sep

I happened to be on the Modesto Magic site before I turned off my computer and headed on home for the day.  I just now saw the Press Release that was posted on September 25. 

Stormy, I just want you to know that I am glad the WFB Talk Crew was there for that moment, because we got that part on video.

Here’s part of Stormy’s comments in the release:

The Magic hosted their 1st set of tryouts on Sept. 22nd. Despite the miserable weather that day, there were 19 women who tried out, ages ranged from 17 to 43. “We thought the 17 year olds (who are outstanding athletes) would be the fastest at everything, but they weren’t,” states Stormy Stroud, Magic Owner. We had a couple of the older women who were running circles around everyone else. Both of the younger girls came out with their fathers, and one brought her sister, brother, and boyfriend too. We had so much athleticism that we aren’t going to cut anyone! After tryouts were finished, we talked to the ladies a few minutes. They are all so excited and so thankful for the opportunity to play football! As we were letting them go for the day, they all huddled up and shouted “1-2-3 MAGIC!” without being prompted. I thought my heart was going to burst from my chest” adds Stroud.

1-2-3-magic.jpg“1-2-3 Magic!”

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