A Quick Glimpse of Magic

23 Sep

The Modesto Magic, a new NWFA women’s professional tackle football team, held its first ever try-outs on Saturday, September 22 at John Thurman Field, 601 Neece Drive, Modesto, CA.  Even with the pouring down rain, 20 prospective players were there to see if they had what it takes to be a Modesto Magic.  Here is a glimpse of today’s try-outs.  Interviews will soon be upcoming, along with video taken at the try-0uts.

Interested in playing football, contact Stormy, owner of the Modesto Magic at stormy@modestomagic.net.

A Day Well Done!

Next try-outs will be held on Saturday, September 29, October 13 and November, date to be announced.  For more information visit www.modestomagic.net

Interviews and video will soon be heard on www.wfbtalk.com

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