A Tribute to Volunteers

19 Sep

This Sunday, September 23 at 3 pm pacific/6 pm eastern we are having a “Tribute to Volunteers” show. 

We’ve spoken to some key players in the leagues as well as team owners and we will be forwarding off questions to them to pass to their team’s volunteers in their leagues. 

If some team volunteers can’t call in, but want to be the voice for their team, they can email back their responses.  We will read as many responses on the air or post them on the blog. 

We want to know questions like, why you keep coming back year after year to support your favorite team.  Maybe tell us a memorable story. 

So if team owners can pass the email along to their volunteers, we would really appreciate it. 

We want to give recognition to the team’s greatest supporters “OUR VOLUNTEERS”. 

 We will be forwarding off the email today or tomorrow.

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