My Space Friend Request

18 Sep

As we have stated on the show, we try to get our league notes from the actual three websites (NWFA, WPFL and IWFL).  We are fortunate enough to have a second source through the website  As you know WFB Talk has a myspace website  If you haven’t received an invitation due to the many many teams out there in all three leagues, please submit to us as your friend so we can be in on the latest bulletins of your team.  Also some of you may have seen a request from me tonight asking to be your friend.  I couldn’t get to as many requests as I would have liked, but I made sure I got from teams of all three leagues.  So if you see this picture below, that’s me.  I hope you will approve me as your friend. 

 not-pitching.jpg Bj

As I state in my headline, no I’m not pitching….though I am wearing a Boston Red Sox hat.  We were taking a drive down the whole Oregon Coast and we stopped to site see.  That is my imaginary ax.

To find all of our hosts on myspace, you can access their account through the WFB Talk myspace.  We’re still working on Meg, though.  She doesn’t have an account yet.

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