Modesto Magic Try-outs – NWFA

18 Sep

I just received this press release from Debby Lening, who is VP of the NWFA.  As you may know, three of our crew at WFB Talk  (Robin, Beebe and Nancy) will be going to Modesto for the Modesto Magic try-outs, a brand new team in the NWFA, to do interviews and take photographs for the blog as well as an upcoming show segment.  We will be talking to staff and prospective players.  We would also like to talk to the volunteers.  As you know on this Sunday’s show we will be paying tribute to the volunteers.  We will be asking them if they will comment or call into the show this Sunday.  We will have representation from all three leagues.  Beebe will also be sending out an email to two teams in each league in regard to players who turned to volunteering for their team as well.  If you want to beat her to the punch, email  I will be calling a few of the league representatives today in regard to your volunteers later this afternoon.  Also if there are some players who would like to express in appreciation to your team’s volunteers, please email us and we will read it on the air   Hope you can join us for Sunday’s show “A Tribute to Volunteers”. 



(615) 860-4084


The National Women’s Football Association, the largest football league in the world for women, has announced the start up of a team in Modesto, CA.

Tryouts will be held on Sept. 22nd 9:30am at John Thurman Field, 601 Neece Dr, Modesto, CA. Women interested in participating at the tryouts should wear comfortable clothing and shoes and bring water or other beverages to drink. There is a one time tryout fee of $35.00 which must be paid prior to participating. All participants must bring proof of health insurance.

For more info on the Modesto tryouts, please contact Stormy at

209-996-0997 or email

UPDATE (11:46 am):  I just got off the phone with Stormy and she advised me that they will also be having tryouts on September 29, October 13 and another one sometime in November.  Again, for more information, contact Stormy.

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