Colorado Springs Koalas – UWFL

18 Sep

I was just reminiscing of leagues past.  On Sunday during the live chat feature on WFB Talk, my brother starting chatting.  I didn’t realize it was him until he mentioned that he was the photographer for the Colorado Springs Koalas.  He still maintains the link to those photos.  Click on the Koalas link above.  The Koalas were part of  the UWFL (United Women’s Football League).    The league cancelled all its games for the remaining 2002 season after some of the teams already completed six games that year.  You can find out more info on the discontinued league’s at Boo’s website.  The teams in the UWFL were the Colorado Koalas, Denver Foxes, Pueblo Pythons, Tri-City Mustangs, Grand Valley Vipers, Sweet Water County Outlaws and Cheyenne Dust Devils.  Is there anyone that was part of that league that now plays for another league?  Shoot us an email and tell us your story, or if you have something to add.  You can email us at or leave us your story or comment on our 24 hour message hotline (916) 341-9298.

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