Meg, Houston Energy Bound

15 Sep

Meg left for Houston last night.  She was texting me of her whereabouts throughout the night and throuhout the day.  She only stoppped for about two hours before she got on her way again.  She hasn’t stopped yet and its around 8:15 pm pacific time.  She’s in the Flagstaff, AZ area.  She did get lost for about 50 miles before realizing she made a wrong turn, but she called me and we talked so it didn’t seem so long to get back.  It didn’t really hit me until I got home last night that she was actually moving away.  Meg and I talk everyday either by phone or text.  Her and I are both Leo’s.  I get my daily horoscope dose sent to me via text and I forward it off to her.  We make fun and try to interpret by texting each other what it means and if we don’t like what it says, we sluff it off saying its for the other Leo’s not us.  I first met Meg in the 2006 season.  Her and I got to be real good friends from the sidelines.  She gave me a book to read called “Football Skills & Drills”.  She reminded me that every player on the team has a purpose, even those on the sidelines.  I’m really going to miss Meg and hanging out with her.  The last fun outing we had was at the Sports Authority a couple weeks ago.  Her and Nancy were in the discounted bin looking at the ugliest blue softball socks and she talked Nancy into buying them.  During our out of town games its tradition for us to hit the local sports shop.  Meg likes hats.  She claims she has a small head and she’s particular.  The only hat I ever bought for her was on a key chain.  We helped Meg pack up the truck last night.  I got some pictures of Meg in the truck rearranging.  I got a R rated shot of her too, but she would kill me if I posted that one.  So here are the ones that I can share with you.   Meg said she took some shots on her travels that she’s going to send to me when she gets settled.  I will post them as soon as I get them.


Meg getting apartment ready to turn in her keys


Meg making room in truck for last few items


Meg & Nancy (Nancy sporting the original yellow WFB – T)


Meg & me

Meg, your my best bud……I’m really going to miss you.

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