WFB Talk now has a MySpace Account & 24 hour line

12 Sep

If you hadn’t had a chance to check out our show, you can archive all shows from the podcast area on this website or go to the blog talk radio site and you can download to your mp3, ipod or computer directly.  Women’s Football Talk now has a myspace account.  Please check it out and sign up to be our friend, so you will get the latest news and information through the bulletins as well as us receiving your updates through bulletins.  You can reach that site through myspace at  WFB Talk also has a 24 hour message line so you can make comment or suggestion at anytime.  The number is (641) 715-3900 ext. 3051979.  You can still contact us through our email as well at or reach anyone or our WFB Crew through the Bio page.

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