“WFB Talk” Airs 2nd Show

26 Aug

“WFB Talk” aired its second show on Sunday, August 26 at 3 pm pacific / 6 pm eastern time.  The show had a slight delay of about 11 seconds before music and a voice announcing the show came over the air waves.  Robin began her introduction re-introducing all the hosts and going over the nights outline to the show recounting our favorite football moments as well as going over the basics of football equipment from a woman’s point of view.   New features to the website wfbtalk.com were also introduced.  A Live Chat Box for listeners to communicate with one another or ask hosts a question was added to the main page.  We also asked our listeners to take a poll and choose which day of the week they would prefer to hear the live broadcast of Women’s Football Talk.  The poll is located on the side bar under the tab ‘Listener Poll’.  If you missed tonights show you can click onto the Podcast tab at the top of this website or go directly to wfbtalk.com website and the last show aired will start as soon as the page opens.  You have the option to either listen from the site or download to your computer or ipod.  We would also like to encourage individual teams to email us if you have an interest story you would like to share.  We have a league news segment, but only will mention what the leagues have to say as their headliners.  Please email us at contact@wfbtalk.com if you have something to share or to share about your team.  The original show was set for a 30 minute time frame, but after we said our goodbyes and played the music we stuck around for another 30 or so minutes going over the basics of football equipment that will be contained on the podcast version that the original listeners did not hear.  So please do not disconnect when the music starts to play, but take a half time stretch, grab a cold one and come right back to the show.  Included below you will see show notes that were added from Sundays show.

League News

WPFL – Kentucky Valkyries stepping down from their 2007 season even before the season began.  You can view more about that on the WPFL website or the Official website of the Kentucky Valkyries (http://www.kentuckyvalyries.com) where Owner and headcoach Thomas O’Boyle Jr. explains why.

NWFA – Two new teams join NWFA for 2008 season.  Memphis, TN (No name yet announced) and Omaha, Nebraska (Omaha Inferno).  Tryouts for both teams will be announced soon.  For more information go to the NWFA website. 

IWFL – Grand Opening and 1st Annual Induction Ceremony:  IWFL Women’s Football Hall of Fame on Saturday, September 1 from 1 pm to 2 pm at The .  For more information visit the IWFL website.

Robin mentioned that she had a picture to the reason she got the nickname “Batgirl”. 

This particular photo is a half-winged photo, but imagine Robin coming all at you with both arms back before she swoops in on you.  Listen to the podcast and hear her story.

Here’s the pictures that I (Bj) wanted to share with you on my favorite football moment.  The tackle that brought on the favorite moment with Coach Lill telling me how proud she was of me.

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