If you didn’t know…..

23 Aug

The inaugural “WFB Talk” Blog Talk Radio program went on the air Tuesday, August 21 at 10 p.m. pacific/1 a.m. eastern.  This experience will be very memorable to us all, as we met two hours prior to the show at our place of broadcast.  This week we were being hosted at Beebe’s apartment, who had recently moved in.  We didn’t think to ask if she had enough lighting.  We were aware that she had no telephone landline, so we had to each connect to the show using our personal cell phones.  Getting ready for the show, passing out our assignments for the night and just plain winging it in between discussions, we didn’t realize that speaking over one another would drown the other one out.  The fan and the air conditioner were going, but we still weren’t cool enough.  It could have been the combination of panicking as the .pdf file wouldn’t open as we were searching on how to connect all four hosts at one time.  We all called on the host line 9 minutes before show time and we were in.  That is up until two minutes before air time when we all got disconnected at once.  Since Robin was going to initially open the show she dialed in, connected and with two seconds after the show began she said “Hello and welcome to the inaugural show…..  As she continued to talk we decided to call in on the caller line one by one.  As we got through the line we could hear the show live on the air and we thought we were in.  Robin whispered off to the side for us to try to speak to verify.  Meg spoke first and we still were not in.  Our sound guy, Brian discovered we were on mute from the switchboard and released the ‘ok’ button for us to speak.  A burst of “are we on and can you hear me now” came over the air.  What a relief.  If worse came to worse, one by one we would have passed Robin’s phone around.  This was our first show and we have learned what and what not to do.  Hope you will be tuned in on Sunday, August 26 at 3 p.m. pacific/6 p.m. eastern for our next broadcast.   If you miss a broadcast you can hear it in the Podcast Tab located at the top of the website page or go to our blog talk radio site www.wfbtalk.com.   

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