Forfeit in the Playoffs?

5 Jul

Forfeit in the Playoffs? That’s simply unheard of in a professional sport. For a league trying to claim its professionalism, I now have my doubts. The Kansas City Storm, who are part of the Western Conference in the IWFL, won their division with a 6-2 record placing them in the number four seed. As for the IWFL (Independent Women’s Football League) playoffs, they determine the first playoff game based on their seed positions. The number one seed (Seattle Majestics) would play the number three seed (Sacramento Sirens), the number two seed (Detroit Demolition) would then play the number four seed (Kansas City Storm). No matter what the rumor to why KC didn’t want to play, the IWFL should have automatically selected the number five seed, Portland Shockwave to go in the place of Kansas City. End of story. Hey IWFL, you don’t ask the number two seed if they want to play the number 5 seed. What did you expect them to say?

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