Pittsburg Passion on ESPN

1 Jul

I just received a very nice email from a fellow IWFL teammate who had forwarded it to all of our team.  I thought I would share it with you.

Hey all,

While eating dinner after the game I saw the ESPN top ten for the week.
We were at a restaurant and the volume was off.  As Jxxxx and I watched
I noticed that this woman was running with the ball and she looked good
I was like, “there is a women” on that team then as I watched some more I
realized they were all women.  The clip was AWESOME it looked like us!!
The team was the Pittsburgh Passion and are in the National Women’s
Football Association.  Even though we are not associated with them it
was great to see our fellow footballers getting recognized!!! They had
this picture on their web site I thought I would share it with you all!!

For more information on the NWFA (National Women’s Football Association) visit their site at http://www.womensfootballcentral.com

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