Two-Leagues, PlayOffs and Regular Season End

29 Jun

This is a big weekend for both the NWFA (National Womens Football League) and the IWFL (Independent Womens Football League).   This is playoff number two for the NWFA.  Last weekend they held Round 1 on June 23.  Round 2 will be held this Saturday and Round 3 July 7th. 


Click here to find out more about the 2007 NWFA Championship held on Saturday, July 21 in Nashville.

For the IWFL this is the end of regular season play.  Crucial outcomes will be made to determine Playoff 1 for three of the divisions (Pacific Southwest, Midwest and Northeast).  For fours teams in the IWFL, its a “DO or DIE” situation, since these teams will be playing head to head with one another.   The Sacramento Sirens (6-1) vs the Santa Rosa Scorchers (5-2).  This is the third time this season that these two teams have met.  Both taking one game away from the other and both giving up 75 points in the season.  Whoever wins this game goes to Seattle to play the Majestics (7-0) for Round 1 playoffs to be held on July 14th.  The other “DO or DIE” teams are the Detroit Demolition (6-1) and the Chicago Force (5-2) who will meet up in Chicago.  This game outcome is a little different since Detroit beat Chicago the first two games that they met and hold the advantage in wins over Chicago.  It is also good to note that Chicago has given up 49 total points whereas Detroit has given up 50.  The IWFL Tiebreaker Rules will be the basis for this win decision.  

The third game to watch in the IWFL would be the Manchester Freedom (5-2) and the Montreal Blitz (5-2).  The Freedom will take on the New England Intensity (3-4).  The Blitz will take on the Detroit Predators (0-7).  It would be a real disappointment if the Predators decided not to travel to play the Blitz and take the forfeit loss.  Let’s just hope the Freedom passed around a collection plate to help pay for their trip.

Please visit the NWFA and the IWFL websites for times and schedule information.

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