“WFB Talk” Broadcasts In August

26 Jun

“WFB Talk”  (Women’s Football Talk) is coming in August.  Just in time for the WPFL (Women’s Professional Football League) that starts August 18th.  This project has been in the “thought process” since last December.  News and information will still be shared for all leagues, which will include the IWFL and NWFA, but time constraints didn’t allow us to begin until after their season end.  There are three ways “WFB Talk” will be utilized.  One is through Blog Talk Radio, which allows a live stream broadcast for up to one hour.  The second will be a direct podcast pre-record with no interuptions and will be linked from the blog site.  The third is the blog site itself.  We want to invite listeners as well as blog followers to submit stories, photos and videos to the site.  “WFB Talk” will have three Co-Hosts on the show (Beebe, Bj and Meg).  A bio-page will soon be upcoming for you to contact the hosts directly.  Interaction between hosts has proven more effective and creates the entertainment aspect of the show.   You will hear stories from around the leagues, interviews, personal interest stories and questions and comments from our listeners either by phone or through email.  As for the blog, look for point of interest stories, personal stories, league stories and more.  If you miss any of the broadcasted shows, “WFB Talk” archives will be available for you to download and listen on your MP3 player or listen directly from the site.  We encourage the leagues to contact us for the latest news and information.  Keep your eye on this blog for page updates.       


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