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6 Jun

I really appreciate the weekly updates from the NWFA (National Women’s Football Association).  Here’s their latest Press Release that I just received from them today.



(615) 860-4084


The National Women’s Football Association has announced that they will be hosting FOOTBALL PALLOOZA on July 21st. The event will include music by independent artists, exhibitors and the Women’s Professional Football Championship.

The NWFA is headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee and began operations in 2000 with one team. The league now has 32 teams from coast to coast and the top two will come to Nashville to battle for the title of World Champion.

“We’ve held this game at other cities around the country but all of our fans really like coming to Nashville so we are coming back and making this a big event. The game will be held at White’s Creek High School and will include a festival. We will be broadcasting the game on the Dish Network and on Comcast Sports South to over 17 million homes and hope to pack the stands. We want to show the rest of the world that Nashville supports women’s professional football!” states league CEO and Founder, Catherine Masters.


There are a lot of people coming to Nashville on July 20-22 and the majority of rooms are filling up. We have a list of Hotels on our website along with a link to more hotels around town.


Nashville, TN – The National Women’s Football Association, the producers of FOOTBALL PALLOOZA, the world championship of women’s pro football, has announced a player’s reception as part of the two day event.

The player’s reception will be held on Friday, July 20th from 5:00pm – 7:00pm at the Maxwell House Hotel in Nashville, Tennessee. The two teams who will compete for the title of World Champion, will be the featured guests. The event will be open to all family, friends and fans of the NWFA.

Tickets are $20.00 and can be purchased by calling (615) 860-4084. Space is limited at this event and tickets are being sold on a first come, first serve basis



Nashville, Tennessee – The National Women’s Football Association has announced the Women’s Football Team Challenge. The event will be held Saturday, July 21st in conjunction with the 7th Annual Championship of Women’s Football.

The event is open to all players and teams from all of the leagues in women’s pro football. “All of the leagues think they have the best players and there’s a lot of trash talk between them. We think that by hosting this event, everyone will be able to see who really has the best players and teams,” states league CEO, Catherine Masters.

Masters, of course, feels her league has the best players. “You never know though, until they get out on the field, who the real winners are.

If someone is better than us, we’ll applaud them. If they aren’t, then we’ll prove to the rest of the world what we already know, “she states.

She further believes that this WOMEN’S FOOTBALL TEAM CHALLENGE is the first step towards having the top two teams in all of the leagues, play in a national championship.

“This isn’t the year for a national championship between the leagues but

2008 will be. Our staff is already planning it and will announce the date for the National Championship soon. Hopefully, the other leagues will see the value and participate at both events,” states VP Debby Lening.

The WOMEN’S FOOTBALL TEAM CHALLENGE will include challenges for just about every position on the teams and winners of each event will be awarded points and prizes. There is no registration fee but all participants must have a valid ticket to the championship game and register before July 10th.

The WOMEN’S FOOTBALL TEAM CHALLENGE has already received television clearance and will be broadcast on the Dish Network and on Comcast Sports South. These two networks have a combined viewers base of over 17 million homes. “We expect to clear a lot of other TV markets soon,”

states Masters.

Stefani Godsey has been appointed the Director of the event. For additional information or to register, please call (615) 860-4084 or visit WomensFootballCentral.com.



FOOTBALL PALLOOZA, the world championship game for women’s pro football, has announced a partnership with the Nashville Ticketmaster outlet to be the exclusive ticket outlet for tickets to the event.

“We’re delighted to be working with the Nashville office of Ticketmaster. Ticketmaster is where people go to buy tickets and is the premiere ticket retailer. By having Ticketmaster be our exclusive ticket retailer, getting tickets to this event will be really easy for our fans and definitely hassle-free,” states league CEO, Catherine Masters.

As one of the partners for FOOTBALL PALLOOZA, Ticketmaster will receive print, internet and TV advertising and on site, game day sponsorship identification.

“Ticketmaster is proud to be selected as Football Pallooza’s official ticketing company for this exciting, sporting event here in Nashville,”

said Terence Cohan, General Manager Ticketmaster Nashville.  Tickets are scheduled to go on sale on Saturday, June 2 at noon central standard time and may be purchased online at Ticketmaster.com, or by calling

(615) 255-9600, as well as at retail ticket center locations throughout Tennessee.For additional information, please call (615) 860-4084 or visit WomensFootballCentral.com

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