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25 May

I’m sure from time to time….more time than others you get a shot that just doesn’t make the grade.  Okay, with the camera I currently have I can say that quite often.  The first header that I had for the site, when I signed up yesterday, was a quickly put together black and white fade with the three women’s tackle football leagues.  I searched through my “FREE” downloaded Picasa2 software that Google graciously offers and found a photo that I took at the Monsoon/Sirens game last weekend.  I didn’t want too much clarity, but I thought the red garbage can and the field coordinator stood out.  How perfect was that blank storage container?  I couldn’t have asked for better “free advertisement space”. 

You too can make use of a quick and poorly planned out photo.  I’m currently looking through my 2007 B&H Digital Photography SourceBook catalog for a new camera.

Click on thumbnail to see Before & After full image:



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